A Call to Purpose

“At this time of economic challenges and rising inequality, pandemic recovery, and environmental emergencies, Canadians are calling on all sectors of the economy to contribute to health and well-being across society.”

So say some of the most prominent CEOs in Canada in ‘A Call to Purpose,’ an invitation to CEOs and peers to build a Canadian purpose economy.

Whether you’re a CEO or an individual, will you endorse A Call to Purpose and help catalyse a new kind of economy?

This is your opportunity to join the vanguard of CEOs and leaders of Canadian businesses, in support of a better tomorrow for future generations.

Let’s lead the way to a social purpose economy in Canada!

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A Call to Purpose: Building a Canadian Purpose Economy

At this time of economic challenges and rising inequality, pandemic recovery, and environmental emergencies, Canadians are calling on all sectors of the economy to contribute to health and well-being across society.

Canadians expect businesses and their leaders to deliver a positive social impact, enhance environmental sustainability, create value for stakeholders, demonstrate good governance, and generate profits. Increasingly, stakeholders, including customers and colleagues, investors and shareholders, community leaders and stewards of the environment, expect the business sector to be a positive force in society.

As CEOs and leaders of Canadian businesses who have embraced a social purpose to create a better world, we call on our peers to consider why their organizations exist and for whom.

Companies that have articulated and operationalized a social purpose as their meaningful reason to exist and are galvanizing their stakeholders around it, are leading their sectors across numerous critical areas. They are developing purpose-driven lines of business, products, and services, and generating more value, creating social benefits by the very act of conducting business.

Businesses that are committed to addressing societal challenges and creating stakeholder value are performing well—growing, meeting or exceeding the changing needs of their customers, and energizing their employees. We believe that over time social purpose businesses can enjoy greater…

  • Customer Loyalty, attracting and retaining customers and building long-term brand affinity.
    Employee Engagement, recruiting, retaining, inspiring, and motivating employees.
  • Stakeholder Relationships, building stronger relationships and enabling productive collaboration.
  • Social Capital, increasing trust and strengthening operations, while enjoying greater credibility.
  • Financial Performance, increasing revenues and access to capital, while reducing risk.
  • Innovation Generation, developing new customer value propositions, enabling transformation, and enhancing resiliency.

In our collective experience, social purpose companies are more likely to have a strong sense of direction that will position them to compete, navigate challenges, and achieve long-term growth. And this fuels their ability to better create meaningful outcomes for people and the planet.

With their purpose as their North Star, they unlock their assets, refine their products, extend their reach and influence, and leverage their scale to bring their purpose to life, helping society tackle challenges and putting Canada and Canadians on a path to a sustainable future.

As an increasing number of businesses adopt a social purpose as their reason for being and weave it into their value creation map, the economy, people, and the environment will all thrive.

We are calling on our peers—fellow CEOs and leaders of Canadian businesses—to discover their organization’s social purpose and leverage the fullness of their resources, expertise, and capacity for the betterment of our communities, businesses, and country.

Together, we can create a better tomorrow for future generations. Visit purposeeconomy.ca and join us in our efforts to lead the way to a social purpose economy in Canada.

I want to lead the way toward a social purpose economy in Canada

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Co-Authors and Endorsers

Darren Entwistle: CEO, Telus

Nancy MacKay: CEO, MacKay CEO Forums

Ivan Vella: Former Chief Executive, Aluminium, Rio Tinto

Michael McCain: CEO, Maple Leaf Foods

David Redfern: CEO, Lafarge Eastern Canada

Rob Wesseling: CEO, Co-Operators


Mary Ann Yule
President & CEO
HP Canada

Tamara Vrooman
President & CEO
Vancouver Airport Authority

Christine Bergeron
Former President & CEO
Vancity Credit Union

Pat Davis

Toby Barazzuol
Dream Leader
Eclipse Awards

Derrick Emsley

Guy Cormier
President & CEO
Desjardins Group

Mike Rowlands
President & CEO
Junxion Strategy

Calvin MacInnis
President & CEO
Coast Capital Savings

Drew Collier
LGM Financial Services

Carol-Ann Brown
The Delphi Group

Coro Strandberg
Strandberg Consulting

Mike Gerbis

Richard Kouwenhoven
President & CEO
Hemlock Printers

Mary Ellen Schaafsma
Founder & Principal
Purpose Pathways Consulting

Roger J. Beauchemin
President & CEO
Addenda Capital

Kiirsten May + Alex Varricchio
UpHouse Inc

Elizabeth Shirt
GLOBE Series

Suzanne Siemens
Co-Founder & CEO
Aisle International

Tony Scott
Pro-Claim Group

Liz McBeth
Armour Valve

Donovan Woollard
OPEN Technologies

David Yochlowitz
ABC Recycling

Jay-Ann Gilfoy
President & CEO
Meridian Credit Union

Hamish Khamisa
President & Chief Digital Officer
Sparx Publishing Group

Mengo McCall
Co-owner, Partner & President
Finest Beans

Mike Schilling
President & CEO
Community Savings Credit Union

Denise Taschereau + Sarah White

Paddy Harrington
Frontier Design Inc

Helle Bank Jorgensen
CEO & Founder
Competent Boards

Erik Brinkman
Brinkman Group

Shawn Good
President & CEO
Libro Credit Union

Adriana Spensieri + Ellie Rosen + Nelson Silva + Wesley Gee: Co-Owners
The Works Design Communications Ltd

Neil Thomson
Founder & CEO
Laid Back Snacks

Louise Schwarz
Recycling Alternative

Latha Sukumar
Executive Director & General Counsel
MCIS Language Solutions

Paul Klein
Founder & CEO

Mickey McLeod
Co-Founder & CEO
Salt Spring Coffee

Kevin Sitka
President + CEO
Assiniboine Credit Union

Bernard Tan
CEO & Co-Founder
RE Royalties Ltd.

Byron Sheardown
Web Express

Chelsea Gieschen
Royal Printers Ltd

Michael Smith
President & Chief Impact Officer
Impact Bridge

Daryl Hatton

Carter Li
SWTCH Energy Inc.

Lynn Mueller
President & CEO
Sharc Energy

Peter Georgariou
Karma Dharma

Phillip Haid
Founder & CEO
Public Inc

Catherine Rocheleau
Founder & CEO
Ignite Leadership International®️

Gavin Pitchford
CEO & Executive Director
Delta Management Group / Canada's Clean50

Minto Roy
Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Social Print Paper Ltd

Raaj Chatterjee

Sylvia Gedge

Sanders Lazier
Carbonhound Inc

Hanieh Zahiremami
Edee Care Inc.

Antony Upward
Acting Executive Director
Flourishing Enterprise Co-lab

Gordon Holley
President &CEO
Humanity Financial Management Inc.

Angela Nagy
President & CEO
GreenStep Solutions

Kristy O'Leary
Decade Impact

Marc Stoiber
Brands Investors Love

Monique Morden
TIMIA Capital

Joanna Buczkowska-McCumber
Ideas for Impact Sustainability Agency

Holly Johnston
Hello Period! (Canada)

Matthew Tsang
Co-Founder, Partnerships Cultivator

Elizabeth Watson
Watson Advisors Inc.

Stuart Lilley
ReFeed Canada

Maliha Aqeel
Founder & CEO
The Ideas Collective Inc.

Scott Sinclair
SES Consulting Inc

Jessy Wollen
Director & Founder
Shift Education Inc

Susan Fiedler
F Cancer Embrace Life

Susan Blanchet
CEO & Founder
Origen Air

David Hutchinson
Cause Leadership Inc

Precious Ile
Co-Founder & Principal
Impact Plus Consulting

Amanda Stassen
Chief Strategist & Founder
BIZU Innovation Group

Roxanne Leduc
CEO & Founder
Cap Inclusive

Gail Stepanik-Keber
Founder & CEO
Triniti Solutions Inc

Kim Alison Fraser
Founder & CEO
KAF Consulting Group

Sarah Nicole Martin
Founder & CEO
Optimal Affect

Steven Fish
Founder & Principal Advisor
Rawlings Fish

Jane Cox
Cause +Affect Design Lits.

David B Savage
Savage Management Ltd

Gordon Casey
Brave Technology Coop

Hilary Kilgour
Managing Partner & CEO
On the Hill

Benjamin Patton

Christine Bergeron
President & CEO
Concert Properties

Keith Ippel
Spring Activator Inc.

Alex Tveit
Co-Founder & CEO
Sustainable Impact Foundation

Tom Benson

David Nelson Elske
People and Planet Consulting

Tamara Connell
People and Planet Consulting

Chris Ward
Strategic Directions

Kim Fuller
Founder & CEO
Phil Inc

Dilesh Soni

Donna Nelham
CEO & Founder

Emily Murgatroyd
Ivy Group

Elaine Grotefeld
Latitude Cleantech Search

Ian Lobo
the ninth planet

Marc-Andre Roy
Managing Partner

Renee Mitchell
Tandem Innovation Group

Marc Anson
HFN Time Tiles LP

Tony Pringle
CEO & Co-Founder

Robin Ashmore
All Purpose


Maureen Young
Victoria, BC

Peter ter Weeme
Vancouver, BC

Michael McKnight
President & CEO
United Way British Columbia

Helena Cynamon
Vancouver, BC

Tessa Vanderkop
North Vancouver, BC

Trina Wamboldt
Kamloops, BC

Louise McMahon
Delta, BC

Kelvin Saldern
Rossland, BC

Diane Strandberg
New Westminster, BC

Jamie Madill
Richmond, BC

Claire Elizabeth Williams
Vancouver, BC

Tara Walter
Port Coquitlam, BC

Amanda Welschlau
Surrey, BC

Lauren Stanton-Nixdorf
Port Moody, BC

Rachel Dick
Victoria, BC

Ray Spaxman
West Vancouver, BC

Marc Coulombe
Burnaby, BC

Jamie Lauckner
KW-Downtown Kitchener, ON

Deborah de Lange
Toronto, ON

Meg O'Shea
Vancouver, BC

Jeff Tilly
Waterloo, ON

Catherine Wood
Toronto, ON

Carrie Lenkenhoff
Spruce Grove, AB

Nicaury Batista
Toronto, ON

Tracey Lundell
Surrey, BC

Decia Wong
Burnaby, BC

Sarah Farano
East Gwillimbury, ON

Angie Woo
Vancouver, BC

Brett Surgenor
Richmond, BC

Courtney Johnston-Naumann
Edmonton, AB

Natasha Questal
Vancouver, BC

Tricia Hollyer
Vancouver, BC

Jessica E Bermudez
Burnaby, BC

Karen Alko
Vancouver, BC

Shannon Ward
Chief Growth Officer
Genus Capital Management Inc.

Shaun McCumber
North Saanich, BC

Monika Marcovici
Vancouver, BC

Mary Lou Miles
Vancouver, BC

Brent Lowe
Oakville, ON

Bob Willard
Whitby, ON

Darlene Clarke
North Saanich, BC

Alexandra Wilson
Ottawa, ON

Gordon Goldschleger
Toronto, ON

Dave Savage
Vancouver, BC

Penny Blesch
Vancouver, BC

Rafael Zlotnik
Toronto, ON